Re: Windows 98 hard drive help


Several options

1. USB could work if available. Maybe need to boot from floppy.
2. Try a CompactFlash card (has the same pinout as ide, only smaller, adapters are cheap) as a harddrive and fill it with the windows setup
3. Try a SD IDE adapter
4, Connect the harddisk to a modern pc with a USB ide adapter, partition the drive and copy the windows setup to a second partition. Still have to boot from a floppy I think

Op wo 5 aug. 2020 om 21:43 schreef Baschwar@ <baschwar@...>:

Can anyone help me get a working Windows98 hard drive set up? 
I have the machine and a drive, but no way to get Windows 98 installed since the computer doesn't have a CDROM -- only floppy. 

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