Re: 3.5 inch floppy drive controller

Ron Bihler

I have been following this email chain, I have a T2 control on a VMC100 with a floppy drive.  It has never worked and I am curious if this is a similar system to what you have.  
I ended up taking a microtape drive unit from a backup t2 control I had and have been running that.  I really don't care much for the tapes though and I only have 3 of them.  
I will say I was able to plug the tape drive in and it worked right away.  With that said I also installed the CPU board from the old T2 I got the tape drive from as the main CPU has some bad interface circuits.  Changing both items may be why it worked so easily.  

I do recall the original CPU did say Disk for saving and am pretty sure it now lists tape, but I would need to confirm.  I am not sure if there is an eprom change other than the "Disk/Tape" change.  

I would like to revisit the Disk unit depending on your results.  I will continue to follow and will locate the disk and controller drive this weekend to confirm some of the information on the unit I have.  


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