Re: 3.5 inch floppy drive controller


Hi Keith,

-The word "Disk" must programmed into the video EPROM so I now know that the instructions are the same.

Just for info: All text on the screen is stored on the CPU EPROM's in a data field, the video EPROM stores the character set.
I made some extensions for my C5 with the EPROM file from Kapsi Ketturi, I can now display lowercase letters and a lot of special characters
because I can load a comment which is displayed on the MAN screen. (workpiece name, tools etc, this nearly empty screen must be used :-) )
and it is better readable with mixed characters; all this just for fun, I like experimenting. (the special characters from EMCO are untouched of course)

So EMCO made however some modifications to the source code. Do you have the possibility to readout the CPU EPROM's,
I am curious about the differences between tape equipped and disk C5.

By the way you would have a backup of the EPROMS in case they fail.


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