SOLVED: Compact 5 CNC Feed Speed slow in Hand mode


I got it sorted!  This 10K pot was the problem. I didn't notice it until I pulled the board out. It is in series with the main pot and is used to calibrate the actual feed speed to match the dial on the panel.
This 10K ohm pot was testing at 500K ohm in the center of its sweep.  This caused the Resistor/Capacitor circuit for the 555 to be super slow.  Surprisingly the computer still accepted the delayed pulse rate and ran the axis at roughly a tenth of the normal speed.

It is adjustable from the back of the board through this hole. 

I actually managed to find a 10K pot on hand I could make fit. 

The drives/axis still have a bit of a pulse that I didn't notice while running in CNC mode.  That may require further testing but for now I am happy to be back up to speed.

Thanks for the help JG.

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