Re: Compact 5 CNC Feed Speed slow in Hand mode


Yes, its only the user variable jog rate between 'single step' and 'rapid'  that uses the pot/pulse circuit. Otherwise the velocity and acceleration  is handled by the CPU. Seems an odd fault to occur spontaneously unless it is a aged capacitor.

Definitely worth having the boards out to get eyes on, IMO. It's easy enough but a pain refitting due to space and access restrictions. Unlikely to be contamination but even heavy dust - esp around workshop activity - can upset digital circuits, I've found.  I use a dry paintbrush to clean them - although in fact the commonly recommended way of cleaning very dusty old boards is washing with (fairly pure ) water ! Very thorough drying obv.

The timer IC is near the bottom by the amplifier board connectors and the PROMs. Sadly all the board components are inaccessible without removal.

Happy probing.
Regards JG.

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