Compact 5 CNC Feed Speed slow in Hand mode


I have a new to me Compact 5 CNC in the 5xxx serial range that has a bug I'm trying to locate. 
Feeds on both X and Z are running very slow only when in hand mode. 
Max speed is 2" per minute when the pot is set at the max setting.  Speed is still variable.
Single taping the X and Z buttons work to move each axis a step at a time.
The rapid traverse speed works fine.
Both axis work correctly at all feed speeds in CNC Mode. (eliminating the stepper driver circuit in my mind)
The speed adjustment pot checks out a from 0-98k ohms.
I have 13v and 50v at the 5 power pins for the steppers.
I suspect there is something after the pot but before the stepper driver circuit that has malfunctioned.
Does anyone have experience with the control circuit in hand mode?
Hoping someone has sorted a problem like this already.


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