Re: PCmill50 programming errors


It looks ok in the verification I use, but it's not Fanuc 0M specific. There are many 180° arc moves. Fanuc manuals say it can't reliably calculate arc centers using radius format. How Emco decided to implement this is hard to say, but I believe I had the same errors in my PC Mill 125 Fanuc 0M until I changed to center format arcs in the post. Memory isn't not an issue, so a few extra characters don't matter. If you really want to stick with radius format change the maximum angle to something less than 180°.

On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 12:03 AM David Rabenius via <> wrote:
  Here you go, the complete file. I have already roughed out the .368 diameter  it is at .388. This was as received by the programmer. I made a few minor edits mainly to the Z retract values. Some of the feeds & spindle speeds are way too slow.


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