Re: Nema 23 motor source

David Rabenius

Nema 23 motors are quite common. Unless you find the exact same EMCO motors then you will need a retrofit. You dont need 280 oz. Inch motors as the factories motors were less than 80 oz inch. These motors were custom made for EMCO by Superior electric. They are not true steppers, and therefore spend the money and upgrade. 80 oz. Motors shouldnt cost more than $50. each, unless you go to higher end ones. Figure $100 for motors, $250 for the Gecko 540 4 axis controller, $150. for a breakout board. $500 will get you a better machine. If you are not savy with electronics then find someone in your area. You mat find someone from this forum. I bought a machine and was making more than I was making at work. A local guy needed some parts made and for 6 months made over 100 parts for him. I am running 300 parts for a new customer, perfect for home shop jobber parts.

On Tuesday, June 9, 2020, 03:14:23 PM EDT, markotime <markotime@...> wrote:

I have 2 originals.   swap pulley end for end and do drill a hole. if u need belts 48mxl050 . 050 is half inch wide or 2x 1/8.  originals are NOT standard 200 steps  per rotation so original electronics won't work.  I used gecko or other drivers with Mach3   could do a deal on my old original motors for us50 plus ship from Canada. 

On Jun 9, 2020 10:11, John <john@...> wrote:

I want to convert my old Compact 5 CNC to use Nema 23 motors.  I have most of the bits already, but I am having trouble sourcing the stepper motors.

Measuring the original motors, it looks like I need Nema 23s with a 24mm long, 1/4" diameter shaft.  There are loads around at 20.6 or 21mm, but 24mm or longer seems to be a rare thing.

I am in the UK, and tried to order some from China (after finding none in the UK), but after a lot of faffing about, they still haven't shipped and I am giving up on them.

Where are people finding their Nema 23 motors?  Is there a trick to fitting the original pulley to a 21mm shaft?  I thought about turning the pulley over, but the hole for the roll pin would be near impossible to drill, and I don't like the idea of a hole at the base of the shaft.



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