Nema 23 motor source



I want to convert my old Compact 5 CNC to use Nema 23 motors.  I have most of the bits already, but I am having trouble sourcing the stepper motors.

Measuring the original motors, it looks like I need Nema 23s with a 24mm long, 1/4" diameter shaft.  There are loads around at 20.6 or 21mm, but 24mm or longer seems to be a rare thing.

I am in the UK, and tried to order some from China (after finding none in the UK), but after a lot of faffing about, they still haven't shipped and I am giving up on them.

Where are people finding their Nema 23 motors?  Is there a trick to fitting the original pulley to a 21mm shaft?  I thought about turning the pulley over, but the hole for the roll pin would be near impossible to drill, and I don't like the idea of a hole at the base of the shaft.



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