Re: PCT55 - AC95 - Smoke seen - Checking capaitors


Difficult to tell from here but that does look like power circuitry as suspected. In my experience the tantalums often fail short circuit ( from overheat / melting) while the polyprops and polystyrenes often fail open (from total destruction) - all mainly due to age degradation or prolonged overstressing from marginal cicuit design.
This means the tants can be more likely to cause damage to preceding circuit elements such as power transistors, regulators, fuses ... when they go. Not always tho and it at least its clear where to look.
Just FYI, I find electrolytics of this machine's era quite reliable. There is a widespread well known problem with modern electrolytics from "certain sources" due to poor manufacture - esp in high stress applications. I've had to replace them on numerous motherboards, LCD monitors, appliances etc. They don't usually fail catastrophically (smoke !) - just become quietly high impedance.
In your case, depending on the circuit function involved - eg de-coupling, the value may not be all that critical.
Regards JG

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