Re: PCT55 - AC95 - Smoke seen - Checking capaitors


On Mon, Jun 8, 2020 at 03:16 AM, TimG wrote:

In my previous topic "PC Turn 55 - Info for a newbie", J G kindly advised that the smoke seen from my AC95 module may come from a degraded capacitor.  I have removed the AC95 from the PCT55 and looked for evidence of damage.

Please see 2 photos attached.

I was focused on checking the large cylindrical electrolytic capacitors, but seeing no indications of burning.  I then noticed discolouration of a smaller bead capacitor, perhaps it's a Tantalum pearl electrolytic capacitor.  There is also a bead of metal(?) evident on the discoloured capacitor.

Can anyone help me identify the value of the replacement capacitor?  Do you have an AC95 handy to take a photo of that capacitor and its markings?
I suspect that the Emco electronic schematic for the AC95 is not in the public domain, has anyone identified the component values?


 Hi tim 
I have an AC 95 board from a PC MILL 125 but it is also broken and I cant get it until my school opens again.
This are the only photos I have of it.

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