Re: PC Turn 55 - Info for a newbie


Thank you for sharing your successful experience with the Centroid controller, it's a welcome plan B.
The tool changer controller is of particular interest in that conversion, as Marty asks, it is interesting to know whether you retained the Emco TC controller?

J G,
Thank you for your advice on the potentially degraded capacitor; you have given me motivation to take a look and inspect rather than conclude that all is lost and move on.  I now appreciate that having the PC expansion RS422 card and (mostly) working software is a fortunate starting point (there was an error message hanging around, then the smoking board excitement).
The axis controller is made of 3 parts (large PCB, small biggy-back PCB and the top connections panel); it was the small PCB that looked like the source of the smoke, does this small board have a particular function?

Do you know whether there is a WinCAM licence within the software installation?  I'm a bit concerned over the long term viability of the old Win98 PC and wonder whether I can install WinCAM on a newer PC?  I've read messages on the subject of trying to create an image of the hard-drive so maybe this is a pointer to new installation not possible.

Many thanks for all info

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