Help needed for newbie!



My first post. Thank you for your patience and tolerance of my level of information.


That said, I have a 2nd generation EMCO Compact 5 CNC Lathe w/ Milling attachment. Because I am new to it’s use,  so far I have operated both only in manual mode on a few small projects. However, this week while turning a piece (in manual mode) the piece came loose from the chuck and jammed the spindle briefly (about 3-4 seconds) before I could get the power off. I cleared the jam and switched the spindle back on, but it would only run at a low speed. I tried to increase the speed with the potentiometer and it would not change. Then, it began to run at a high speed that was also not responsive to the potentiometer, and finally stopped. I have not been able to get the spindle moving since. I checked all the fuses I could find and replaced the potentiometer to no avail.  When I turn the machine on, everything lights up including the speed display which shows tracking of the spindle turning when I spin it by hand. The tool holder and its mount move as usual with the keypad controls. The only physical damage I have noticed is what appears to be partially melted wiring insulation on both sides of the larger transformer.


Anybody had this experience or can suggest what I need to do look for? I have only a small amount of experience with inspection, testing, and repair of circuit boards and components, so thought I would post here before resorting to find someone to come take a look at it.


Thank you for any thoughts!


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