Re: compact 5 cnc tool change HELP


On Apr 27, 2020, at 12:45 AM, wmorfitt60@... wrote:

I have a compact 5 cnc for awhile (about 10 yrs and never used it ) and have never found out how to do a tool change with the tool  turret. I'm about ready to sell it because it's no good to me if I cant change tools. 
I understand how to set the RH turning tool but how do you reference the other tools from that one.
If I have a 1" dia part 1" out from the chuck and I scratch off on x and z set the  dro to zero for both x and z then bring my tool to positioned x 1000 z -1000 as a starting point (tool change position) .
 what do i do to set the next tool.
do I now reset the dro to zero in the new position or leave it set to x 1000 z-1000?
I rotate the turret to the next tool.
then scratch the part with that tool and write down the the number on the dro after the move?
go back to the tool change position and do it all for the next tool?
do I use G90 G 92 or G 91 to set things up?
                                                                                     thanks for the help Im very lost and confused 

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