Ang.:Re: [Emco-CNC-Users] Giving away Emcotronic m1 from vmc-100

Tony Schalburg <tonyschalburg@...>

Hi Ludvig 

Yes the dsc328 and dcs343 are similar

Whatsapp tony schalburg/+4581494034
Or messenger, same name
So we can arrange something.


Ps im no good in norwegian, sorryūüėĀ

På ons., den 1. apr. 2020 klokken 18:49, Ludvig Friberg
<ludvig.friberg@...> skrev:
DSC00343 and DSC00345 is the same card. Just forgot to include the phone with the weight in one of them

To me they look very similar the DSC00328 and DSC00343.

When I bought this machine there was really two machines and the previous owner had taken out all the cards from one of the controllers so I have double of some stuff.

How can I send you one of the cards? With some packaging I guess it will weigh 1kg and be 25x25x15cm it will cost 250 DKK. If is 2 kg its 300DKK.

Den ons 1 apr. 2020 kl 18:37 skrev Tony Schalburg via <>:
Hi Ludvig 

I could use the boards on pictures :
DSC00343 and DSC00345
For my emco vmc100


På ons., den 1. apr. 2020 klokken 18:03, Ludvig Friberg
here is a list of all the stuff. And a lot of pictures. How is it best to send? Can you guys figure out who needs what and how to send it?

1 piece
Transistor leistungsteil

1 piece
G. Netzteil

1 piece

1 piece

2 piece

2 piece

1 piece
Mystery card many relays very similar to 22c
419, e0115, 077, 066

1 piece

1 piece
Transistorsteller Reglerkarte

4 pieces Schrittmotor driver

3 pieces Schrittmotor driver

1 piece
Crt monitor

1 piece
Graphics controller

1 piece
22c many relays

1 piece
Serial communication card

1 piece

Den ons 1 apr. 2020 kl 16:16 skrev Juan Bedialauneta <juan@...>:


We are at a school in Bilbao, Spain. We have a V100 with M1 control but with one of the cards damaged. It has this references on it:

           Transistorsteller Leistungensteil


           07C 30V1 420

We would like to replace it with yours if possible

Thanks a lot



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I can take some photos of the keypad. What do you mean with inside of the control? It is disassembled so a lot of cards in boxes. Do you have the name of the card you are looking for? The heavy metal case and all that is gone. I have all electronics here for a while now before I have to recycle that too.




Den tis 31 mars 2020 kl 23:00 skrev <hahn@...>:


I'm super interested! Can you take a photo of the keypad and also the inside of the control so I can compare with what is on my 220p? Thanks!
Hahn Rossman

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