Re: Controls for EMCOTURN 120

David Rabenius

Sorry,Didnt mean to offend anyone. I am FAR from being a racist. In fact I had over20% Chinese employees in my kitchen. They spoke little english. Once I translated the food prep sheets and were trained on what to do, the Chinese quickly became my best employees.
If you reread my post then you will understand that support of a product by both the mfg. & outside can be a huge factor. I realize most of the CNC components are made in China.
While you are on this post kindly inform the users group of the support that this mfg. Provided. Any forums, user groups would be appreciated.

On Wednesday, February 26, 2020, 09:27:51 AM EST, <gsnalven@...> wrote:

Rabenius message is both ignorant and racist. It should be removed. If anyone is interested in the true state of the art in China I would be happy to discuss. At  this time the regular folk are suffering and there is no need to pile on.

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