Re: Controls for EMCOTURN 120

David Rabenius

I guess it boils down to how much knowledge you have with “rolling your own” electronics. Where do you go when you have a question?, installation problem?, Is there a users forum you can ask questions?

 If you go the Centroid route you have several channels of getting help & answers. If you speak Chinese and feel that they offer support then good luck!

Were you thinking of using Lineux? Mach3?, 4?

I would say your ultimate goal would be to make parts on the EMCOturn,  so I would go with factory support, dedicated forums, user group expirence over some Ching Chong electronics. If you went with Centroid first and didn’t like it then changing out the main interface board would be easier as you would have already done the stepper motors, parameters, etc.

I have seen too many people tear into a retrofit and lose interest. Many fine machines are collecting dust due to not being able to finish a retrofit or having problems that they coldnt figure out.




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