Re: FreeDos installation help for Emco Lathe 2.8

David Rabenius

Here is the link for the manuals for the PC5. Go down t o the software section and it will describe the sequence to get into the software programming & running.

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You probably need to use Windows 98 or 2000 as XP sometimes is hard to boot into DOS. I think that your DOS is a shell and not compatible with the EMCO software. When you install the software are you getting the setup screens that you choose or just one screen. Some machines used a Dongle, there was also a article that allowed you to use Linux I believe with NO modifications to the machine. There was an article that had you snip out the EPROM in Digital machinist magazine to run on Mach 3 DON’T DO THIS!!  As you will have to use separate CAD software program.

  When you boot up at the DOS prompt what do you get? You have to do several inputs  like CD \ , then CD EMCO, then EMCO  Compact, it will then  be good to go. I haven’t used this software in 12 years so I will have to check . Do you have a manual?, they are online and it will tell you. If you want to run both Imperial & Metric programs you have to have 2 different files like Compact & Compact M. The Metric measurement will give you .0005 & the Imperial will give you .001. Either way the Lathe is a great little machine.

   If  he software runs fine maybe you could reconfigure the PC with 98 or dual boot. If your just using the PC for the Lathe then just run Windows 98 or 2000. The Lathe software is fine for the machine. The only hassle with that control software is threading, rest work s great.

  I had a PC5 years ago and made TONS of parts on it, just found another one. Getting a 98 computer is easy as MANY CNC machines still use DOS, Craigslist Raleigh usually has  a seller that has these for sale.




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