FreeDos installation help for Emco Lathe 2.8


Hello, I am a high school student who was asked by my teacher to revive a Compact 5 PC machine. Keeping it short, the machine is fine but the computer running it died.

Using a new PC I was able to make a USB Bootable version of MS-Dos using FreeDos, I can run the I.exe file to install and write (This worked on all versions of the installation file) but I cannot run the Compact.exe. I was able to run a bunch of other files as well except any version of the Compact.exe file. 

Do I need to install the Compact Software with some additional drivers or tools? or does the medium require a floppy drive to install properly? Sorry if anything I say is a little bit short sided, the software I am trying to use is older than I am. Thank you for any help, I am open to any ideas.

For a bit more specifics

Hardware : Intel Pentium 4, Windows XP HP Compaq dc5100 SFF, Emco 5 Compact PC

Software : EMCO Lathe 2.5, FreeDos (latest)

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