Re: Lecteur mini cassette

Here are translations into English of the two French language messages:

Good morning all,

I just bought a VMC 100 TM02 milling machine the face of the calculator had to be changed because it is equipped with a floppy drive while the MSD data of my machine is saved on a mini cassette.
Following the loss of MSD data from the milling machine and not having a floppy disk to reprogram the machine, I bought an EMCO mini cassette player in order to recover the MSD data saved on the mini cassette.
The mini cassette player connections are different from the floppy drive.
Does anyone have information to make this change?

 I recently had the same machine N ° F1SF3F5019 and the label for the TM02 command was torn off, I would like to help you but it also included a floppy drive which was dismantled, only the serial link was used. I saw a backup of the parameters on this forum, did you try to enter them manually? I have the electrical plans.

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