Re: EMCO6p home switches


Compact 6 has no home switches. You jog to align the arrows on the turret motor cover to the marks on the back of the enclosure, then home. The axes move to find the target on the ballscrew pulley and this is home.

What was done on a retrofit is anyone's guess.

Manuals and schematics should be available on the web, but I never found a part list specifically for C6 and referred to the 120 parts list. Other than lacking central way lubrication and homing prox, they are the same.

On Fri, Dec 20, 2019 at 3:55 PM arjan.dijk <arjan.dijk@...> wrote:
Im got a very early converted Mach3 EMCO6p and I'm looking if it has any home/limit switches? Where should I look? It does not home, or give a signal passing a certain point, so it must bebe connected or set when it is there.

So where to find the home switches? If they are not there, am I really supposedĀ to home on a piece?

Can I find some technical drawings about this machine?

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