Re: Emco Compact 5 CNC options

Tony Schalburg

Im the happy owner of 4 emco machines. 
One et120p, 
One compact 6
One vmc100 
Those 3 with original tm02 controller. 
The last one is a vmc100 im in proces of retrofitting. 
Its a huge proces to retrofit a mill, and expencive, cuz i want to keep the original berger lahr steppers and the Siemens dc motor. No compromices here. Want to run the vmc100 with Mach3, as close to the original setup as possible. 
The ATC, i had a plugin made, cost me 200$.
Stepper drivers, i use original from berger lahr, but updated, cost 600$ each. Siemens dc motor, im using a parker 506 dc driver, cost 400£.
Pwm,relay board and BOB, i got from cnc4pc, all for about 400$.
I have been working on the retrofit for more than a year now, but Will soon complete it. 
What i want to say, about retrofitting those Nice old machines, is, if you want to do it, do it prober, so you have a machine that can and Will work for many years to come. 
Yes you can do a cheap retrofit, but then you get a slow machine, that can do the job, but the emco machines Are Nice High pression machines, that deserves a prober setup. 

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