Re: Emco Compact 5 CNC options

David Rabenius

  Here goes. Your budget is tight, $771.00 but you probably wont be using Centroid Acorn. There are many options for doing retrofits. You could save a few bucks and use the factory power supply. The spindle motor controller could also be used if my memory serves me correct. I know the later PCturn50 & 55 machines better.
   Power supplies are pretty cheap, $50.00 - $100. VFD's are also $100 - $140.00. Steppers can be from $ 30.00 to $200. you don't need huge 280oz. ones as the factory ones were about 60 oz inch. Too powerful steppers could easily damage the machine. BOB boards can be had for $150.  & up. Find someone who has done a complete retrofit and if you can see it run, they would be the best bet.
 I bought a CNC5 in 1996 and made many parts on it, it was my first CNC Lathe. programming it was slow but tolerable. I saved my programs on the little Phillips Digital tapes that are like finding hens teeth. Your machine may have the RS232 pigtail on the back, if so then you can use a common old school printer cable and upload the programs from a PC. EMCO had some software that could make your drawings and it would generate the code. The software was DOS based and was fast & easy to learn. I bought a PC5 in 2001 which used that software.
   The lathe you have uses G codes, many common ones found in industry. Like most CNC machines EMCO used several canned cycles, most CNC machines use certain G-code numbers that are "open" to the manufacturer to make custom for their application.
 If your machine is working then why not learn it the way it was?? I know of several people who took perfectly good running machines and made them non-running ones. Did you get the manuals with your machine?? If not they are available online, the software is also available online. The manual explains the setup of the software to the machine.


On Monday, November 25, 2019, 01:49:02 PM EST, marc mcphee via Groups.Io <sparkez01@...> wrote:

Hello all.

I’m new to this so please be gentle, I have an Emco Compact 5 CNC with a 6 tool turret(the yellow one). It is decent condition and I would like to retrofit it to be able write programs in G-code format. I would like to teach my son my trade as a CNC machinist to help him pay his way through university or even to open his eyes to the world of manufacturing.

So I have been online looking at how the set up goes together from the BOB to the required motors to a VDF to control the spindle etc etc. I have the basics together but I I’m still learning what goes with what.

So here goes, I’m at best a bit of an idiot so help with how you have done with your set up or what you used with what would be a lot of help.

I was told to stay away from BOBs tb6560 when retrofitting a lathe due to not being that user friendly ?? Is Centroid acorn a better alternative or will a simple BOB effectively achieve the same results ?? do I need a 24vdc power box l to control the bob and motors and another to control the spindle using  a VFD.

I need help, guidance and I was hoping to maintain a budget between £400-£600.

Thank you all in advance for any help

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