WTB: AC88 Axis Controller


Wanted to buy inexpensively, PN Y4A 015 000 or Y4A 012 000 axis controller for AC88 vintage.PC Mill or PC Turn. I would prefer a Mill control, but beggars cant be choosers. 

My intent is to pull the firmware from the EEPROMs on the board and reverse engineer. I will post here as well.



PS- The reverse engineering of the RS485 communication is proceeding, albeit slower than I had hoped (decoding Hexadecimal is a new endeavor for me). Interestingly, it seems that the control uses the 80C196 microcontroller (decent, 16 bit micro) as the communication link between PC (ISA card also has an 80C196) and machine. The 8088-2 (venerable, but stone age ancient) on the board serves as the actual machine controller.  The architechure of this control is very elegant- a significant amount of engineering development went into it.

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