Re: Why I will not use Acorn to upgrade my Compact 5


Sorry @Gsnalven, but this group is for people who want to figure out how to get things working. You can share what you were not able to achieve and what your results are and why you think it might nog be possible to get it working, but  "Windows will not do the job, I know what I'm talking about" sounds more like a God complex. I'm pretty sure that others might have achieved what you are strugg;ling with.


Op di 19 nov. 2019 om 04:40 schreef <gsnalven@...>:

Nothing against Mach3 and for non-complex shapes I am sure it works fine. The problem is cuts that require a real-time aspect such as threading or multiple servo axis motion. If it was implemented on a dedicated controller it would be a first choice. Running on Windows it will not do the job. I know you know what I am talking about. Sorry all.

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