Re: Why I will not use Acorn to upgrade my Compact 5

Art Fenerty <fenerty@...>

Thank you Marty. I think credit goes to a great many for that though. I was very lucky in figuring out how to 
make windows operate in a mode that emulates real-time in the way it did. My monitor displayed the 
blue screen of death for months till that was figured out. That secret never got out and it allowed Mach3
to reign supreme for a long time. 
   I have an awful lot of gratitude to the folks at NIST for LinuxCNC and how much I learned from their
code, primarily their planner, which Mach3 uses as its base code, though heavily modified for Windows.
I still use Mach3 on my Emco PC5 lathe and a CNC router. I use another controller I wrote for the 
cnc lasers I play with now, but Mach3 will always be with me.  

     I dont visit here often, but I watch with interest how it goes. My PC5 works quite well with 
Mach3, I use a pendent most of the time so Mach3 serves more as a DRO than anything else
as I pendent my way through the small jobs I do these days.

  I see a lot of question as to what one should use these days to convert an Emco, I tend
to think those single box fanuk emulators would be my choice were I to do do conversion
today, Some of the people who's opinions I most respect in that area have tried it and tell
me they are great. My emco was, I think ,the first conversion to Mach.. wasnt hard.. but
times have changed and I think the single box solutions look pretty good. As a hacker, I'll
stick with Mach3, but I watch with interest. :)


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