Re: Trying again to run Emco PC Turn 55 having issues


One question which is probably stupid but if each machine has its own PC, is the correct PC connected to the correct machine because both machines show the same symptoms? The WinNC installations are different.

When you install WinNC you need the 3.5 inch floppies (you can still buy blank ones). Early on, the computer asks for the MSD so it knows what files to install, then you continue using the specifically requested disks from the set as necessary. You must make  at least two backups of the Emco disks because they can easily get corrupted.

It sounds as if there is a PC installation issue and a new installation may well be a sensible route but you do need the proper disks.

John W

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I didnt mention this before but each machine has it's own pc. They each have their own installation of WinNC and WinConfig. I played with WinConfig options a bit to look for possible settings screen and there are some that indicate communication between pc and emco but nothing I knew to change. Perhaps the MSD disk is all that is needed.

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