Re: Trying again to run Emco PC Turn 55 having issues


These are the original computers that ran the machines. My thinking was the same. If these ran before, there should be no reason for them not to function now unless there has been a change.

I think it less likely that both cards in the PC's are faulty and giving the error. It Is far more likely that some setting is not correct. I do not have any software disks or manuals that came with these machines. Everything I have so far has been downloaded from emco-world or forum links that I have searched. 

What is this "MSD disk" I need to have a hard copy in order to run the machine? Does emco mail it to me or is this something I can find online, download, and make a disk out of. Its gonna be hard to find a 3.44 floppy that's for sure lol.

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