Re: Trying again to run Emco PC Turn 55 having issues


You also need the MSD disc specific to each of your machines. That can be requested from Emco if you do not have the correct one.

Possibly there is a parameter in the MSD files which relates to the version of access controller fitted.

The fact that you get the same error message from both machines suggests there is something incorrect in the PC side of the setup.

You can use the same RS card in the PC for the series 55 machines and same installation of WinNC software but the MSD disk for each machine has to be installed so when you start up WinNC you are asked to choose between mill and lathe.

It might be deleting WinNC and reinstalling it.

John W

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Ok so I couldn't devote time to checking the PC Turn 55 with multimeter at the moment do I tried to hook up the PC Mill 55 that I have to see if it would function. 

I get more led lights inside that cabinet yet still get the ACIF 8140 error. I'm thinking this may be a configuration issue? 

What is needed to run these machines? From general observations I take it there are two bits of software needed. One is WinNC that handles the coding and the other is WinConfig where you set the I/O details for communication between machine and PC. 

Is this correct so far? 

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