Re: Trying again to run Emco PC Turn 55 having issues


Thanks guys, I had downloaded the manuals and have contacted emco before. They said it may be connectivity issue. I read the service codes manual and checked out connectivity issue. I've checked the cables for continuity with multimeter, opened up PC to ensure cards were seated well, cleaned dust out of both pc and emco. 

I've never had any machine like this so I dont know if its quirky on startup procedures like rcflyer mentioned. If it was something simple like that it may be the problem. One time and one time only did I get some movement on the longitudinal axis. I didnt know what I did to make it happen and that was it. Haven't been successful otherwise. I dont have the model of machine with a green light to let me know power is on I have to take the cabinet panel off the back and look inside. I'll try that next and take some pictures to post for possi le solution hunting.

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