Re: Trying again to run Emco PC Turn 55 having issues


The 8140 error assuming everything is working and the cable is good is a bad ting. The PC isn't communicating to the machine and it will not run. This means either the RS422 card or the AC95 have failed.  Neither has an easy solution. I did see several Emco RS422 cards on Ebay USA this week, they aren't cheap. I've noticed this error if the PC wasn't configured to power up when switching on the machine. If I took too long to get the PC running, it would give this error. I had a PC Mill 125 which would also randomly show this error, but it was rare. The last thing I can offer is, if the machine is in a humid environment, do something about humidity. I have a lathe which produces all sorts of errors if humidity in the cabinet gets high.

On Wed, Nov 6, 2019 at 9:40 AM Glenn Aussco <Glenn@...> wrote:
Found this online 
Look on page H7

8140 Maschine (ACIF) not responding Cause: Machine off or not connected. Remedy: Switch on machine or connect.

I have 5 of these machines and if I ever get the time I am going to switch over to an Acorn Centroid controller. I have talked with John on this site and he has been nice enough to share his knowledge. He has had some luck switching but still not perfect if I understand correctly. If I only did not have to work I could get so much more done. :)

good luck

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