Re: PCMill 100 - Motor & Encoder info


Good - and bad news!

I got the motor running pretty well with the drive with both positional and velocity control, using the encoder for commutation.  The PID Gains need a bit of playing with - but worked well enough for testing.

The bad news is the motor bearings are completely shot.  It makes a TERRIBLE noise when running - and now I've removed the motor, it feels a bit crunchy!

Since time is against me - I've decided just to replace the motor and drive with one of these:

It's the same frame (80mm) and shaft (19mm) size  and should be pretty much a drop-in replacement.

This motor has a top speed of 5,000RPM, compared to 10,000 for the AMK Motor.  It does develop 5x the torque though, so I plan to change the pulleys to give me 1:1 gearing with the same spindle speed range at twice the torque.

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