Re: Emco CAD Cam with new PC?


Henk Verschuren
01/09/13 #3533
One of the users hacked the program so it can send files at 9600 baud (in stead of 300). I didn't try it yet though.
Hallo Emco-users,
Hallo Henk, happy to hear from you, are you still using the old C5-Controller?

Yes, the program can send with 9600Bd, but at full speed only to an other computer. If I remember correctly you made transfers this way and so I modified the program,
I never used it to, it was more for fun. The settings for the serial interface must be done before starting the soft by a DOS-batch file.
To send with 9600 Bd one must use the a terminal-prog (Hyperterminal in XP for example) where the "line delay" is configurable. It works well with 20 ms, but sure
we then have not 9600 Bd but around 8000, I measured it, but I forgot the exact values. However its much faster than original 300 or 1200 Bd. (1200 is the max. value
possible without "line delay" and a "hacked 1200 Bd EPROM" exist). The C5-Controller is to slow so we need this line-delay.
Of course one need a modified C5-EPROM. I made some modifications to my controller: 9600 Bd, 990 lines of code, comments in the CNC-program, in MAN-mode
the actual X/Y-values are not deleted when switching to CNC-mode and the are updated when working in CNC-mode, 200/rev steps instead of 72/rev with old modified hybrid motors
so I could still use the original drivers (I made special rotors without magnets so we have a reluctance.motor again and I changed the internal wiring in the motors),
a relay-card for the M08/M09 and M22/M23 and now M04 (spindle counter-clockwise, and the very best: in MFI one can add this new code) a keyboard instead of the
cassette-recorder with STOP, INTERMEDIATE, LOADING/SENDING programs etc etc.
There are still some bugs, I'm still working on, but it's like Henk said: If you like old fashion electronic from the eighties......

I never published the HEX-files because it's not 100 % finished (to use them one need to makes heavy hardware-mods) and most people make upgrades to modern controller and motors and there is no great interest.


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