Re: ISA computer card PC Turn 50? Moderator: Moderators

Jan Emco


It is not only the Isa card you need. You also need an old Pentium 2 computer.
And it must running under windows-98. And old Dell from 1998 can do the job.  ( the grey boxes )
If you have that all you can also install the unofficial W98 SE-3.  It got many improvements.

But in your case as it is for a school I would advise to upgrade the system to Mach-3 (or 4).
The lifespan of the system is than much more increased. It becomes maintainable and kids can use more up to day applications.
I assume you are living in the Netherlands. There a a few people who can help you with that upgrade.

I believe that now a days the five phase motors that are used in the old Emco's can be used either.


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