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Hi John,

You need Emco Winnc, which is operating software. If all is working OK when you switch on you will be told to Zero All. This takes the machine to the zero points, which amongst other parameters, is determined in the .msd file - that is specific to your machine. A replacement can be obtained from Emco if you do not have one, which obviously you do.

A turn 50 manual is a good place to start. If you will use a keyboard, the hot keys are listed in the manual. If a touch pad, an overlay should be available.


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Subject: [Emco-CNC-Users] CNC Turn 55 Also Need Help
Hi guys I already posted a message asking for help but as the group was in the process of moving over things might have gone a bit awry.
Similar to another post I am also setting up a EMCO CNC Turn 55.
I have the emco RS485 Card a W95 computer and the software is already installed.
I need to test this machine, I haven't a clue as I have never operated this machine before.

Can anyone give me a a simple rundown on how to test this machine using the G-Code program?
Last thing I want is for the saddle to crash in to the chuck.
So a simple rundown on how to test and calibrate would be most useful.
I also need to know what the msd file is for?

Can anyone help?


John Kiely

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