Thank you to marty for sending me the disk files. I just tried fresh computer, fresh format, fresh OS, everything as manual indicated. same error... Keyboard disconnects via key hold still also. so Im 99% sure everything is fine hardware.
The other 1% could be controller in the machine or this pesky MSD disk. The card that cables back to the db9 connector output does not light up at all in any LED's. everything is plugged in nice and tight. anyone else machine in idle not light up the controller card? if thats not it I discovered the MSD disk label has a number on it that resembled my machine sticker. behold! they do not match... I am 100% convinced this thing was not "running" as purchased if that be the case. I opened up the file on the MSD disk and explored the data in the DAT files via notepad. It appears there is a file $msd$ which typically is set up protocol in old software, inside it has the same number as the sticker on the disk and a whole lot of what appears to be commands and values. if one were to call emco and request the proper MSD disk for $$$ they likely just change this file to mesh with your serial number. like an old school USB dongle for high end software. I had to order more floppy disks. But I will update with what I find. I bet apples to oranges I can crack this stupid file and get it working.

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