Re: Retrofitting C5 CNC with Centroid Acorn and Clearpath servos


Although I won’t be much help to you at this point, I am interested in your project and will be watching for updates. Two days ago I purchased my own Emco Compact 5 CNC and I’m considering doing something very similar to your project. Unlike you though, I’m hoping to intergrate a bit more with the existing electronics in the machine and ultimately I want to control the machine using Mach 3 since I’ve got other machines that run it.

My thought is that I should be able to use the existing Emco power supply to power a new motion controller and either control the existing steppers from the new motion board or replace the steppers and power their drivers also from the Emco supply.

I’m not willing to spend the money you are on Teknic servos and the Centroid board however. So I’m actually looking at this board which others have told me works very well.

If I do replace steppers, they probably won’t be servos, just a good quality higher resolution stepper.

I’ll probably start a separate thread to ask some questions about my strategy, but please keep posting updates on your progress.


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