Re: 209 Line Limit?


Jeff you can split programs up also, I have one I wrote for a pump housing in MFI that wound up being 5 separate programs because of code length, you just end and start were needed to continue.......granted its a pita. Keep in mind that MFI is not a cam program and you still have to write the code, its a communication program for sending files to the stock control, it works well for this and the simulator is really nice to have. Over the years I have gotten my F1P mill and its stock M1 control and its little brother F1 with an extra Welmill adapted controller communicating with BobCad down the rs232's to accept programs written by Bobcad , still trying to get my VMC100 to talk via the cable. I use Rhino for cad and import files into Bobcad V27 for its cam program and the Predator Editor for comms . the cam side works pretty good on large surfacing files. I've not tried Fusion yet as Rhino is so good but anything would probably be better than Bobcad's  cad program....the folks at Bobcad are great though and helped me write the posts for those machines , so they have an F1P/M1 control and a F1 Welmill post available now, I've not tried the VMC100 post as yet but im sure it needs a lot of tweaking.I still have to make a few annotations here and there but it beats writing 30k lines of code.....

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