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Thanks all.  Think I found the manual in the file section.  For some reason I am not getting email notifications from this group.  I need to figure out why.  But in the meantime, think I found the main thing I was looking for.  While I have read the turret motor is 12v, I assumed the control board was 12v in and just relay control was 24v on a separate connector.  But did a little digging and found references stating the board itself accepts 24v and divides it for the 12v motor (full 12v in forward and reduced current in reverse mode).  Can someone confirm this is in fact the case.  Also read the optical switches are 5v, so 5v also must be supplied to turret control board.  I bought the machine totally gutted of all electronics, hooked up a DC brushless servo motor for the spindle.  Currently made the cad up for milling new stepper plate mounts for Nema23 and will run the steppers via a G540 I have on hand.  The controls and turret will be handled by a Centroid Acorn board.  Plan on using the two limit switches in conjunction with the hall effect sensors on the stepper mounts for dual homing (which the acorn can handle).  Also plan on using the Acorn ATC function to move and count the tool positions from the tool 1 and each tool sensors.  Anyway, this is the plan.  Thanks for any advise and allowing me into the group.  I'll get some pics and more details over the weekend.

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I have a PC55 Turn and a PC50 Mill. I have assorted manuals.


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I am a user  of both machines. What were you looking for??



Just checking to see if there were any PC 55 users on here or discussions allowed on it?

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