209 Line Limit?


New member here and this group looks like it’s going to be a great resource for me. I have a small garage machine shop with two mills, one lathe, a 3D printer and various grinders/sanders, etc. Just yesterday I purchased a second smaller lathe, an Emco Compact 5 CNC with the intention to update the steppers and add a new motion control board so it’ll run Mach3 like my other machines. However, after some research and testing, I believe this lathe could be run via the rs232 port using MFI instead, but before I go that route I wanted to ask about the 209 line gcode limit I’ve heard is a problem with the Compact 5. Are you still limited to 209 lines per program if you use MFI? I sometimes run programs that are 18-20 thousand lines on my other machines, so 200 isn’t going to cut it.

Thanks in advance,

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