Re: electronic cabinets available... FREE :)

eric warner

Thanks for the quick replies!  Since I have two cabinets and two people replied i think it would be good to send one to each.  I will pull them out of the shed tomorrow and weigh them so I know what the shipping charges will be.  I'm not sure what the crating charge will be.  I would likely just take them to FedEx and have them crate them up as I have found that is about the same cost as spending one of my employees time to chase down a box and shipping material and then crating it up...  Before I ship I will get some info from FedEx and let you both know the costs.  Just for an idea on costs i put in 20lb and 50lb and got back the following:

to the Netherlands:
 - 20lbs - $278 USD
 - 50lbs - $518 USD

to zip code 06255:
 - 20lbs - $45
 - 50lbs - $89

I'll let you know what I find out tomorrow.


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