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John <fik123@...>

--- In Emco_cnc_users@..., Ron <lost_guy80@...> wrote:

Your upload dos mouse drive the archive is not valid.... you my
wont to check it out....

Must be the way I zipped it,
it runs fine from the floppy here I just installed it on a new
computer with dos 6.22 and it runs fine.
With bat files and config sys files no spam filter will let it send
or upload unless it is zipped.
I will burn a copy of floppy and mail it to someone and they can
upload it. I would likie to help but don't have time to make a big
project out of it.
LEt me know who is one trustworthy person to send this stuff to and i
wil send out a box of all kinds of good EMCO, D&M software,manuals
and other support stuff, when it is copied and uploaded I want it
Not sure why I hang on to all this but IT is good to have when I want
to look something up. Manuals for C-5, PC5 CNC5, F-1 Mill, the
programing software, a EMCO tech manual.
BUT I really want to knw I am going to get it back.
I live in a small Alaska village and just don't have the resources to
copy and do al kinds of scanning.
So someone step up to the plate and I will load you up with plent of
archival material.
Thanks John

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