Re: Rough Valuation.

A & J Gregg

Hi Des.

Re Manual operation.

Converting to manual by fitting hand wheels to a CNC 5 is not as straight forward as it sounds.

The problem is that the lathe has ball screws fitted. These minimise backlash, which is fine, particularly but are very low friction devices, so will not stay put, unlike a conventional feed screw or lead screw, which has enough friction that it will stay where it is put.

Using it as you are is actually the best option manually!

Jim Gregg

On 5/19/2015 2:52 AM, d29602960@... [Emco_cnc_users] wrote:

Hi again Marcus,

Thanks for clarification of the "conversion", not at all what I was
thinking of.

The chap who first introduced me to the machine also talked of
conversion but his idea was to make the machine manual in operation by
removing the steppers and fitting hand wheels.

I decided that for the few bits of plastic I wanted to turn that the
manual operation via the switches and buttons was good enough though of
coarse you dont get the same "feedback" from the buttons as you do from
genuine manual controls.



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