Re: tools for turret


Now back at lathe, tools I have are

SDNCN 1212 - neutral
SDJCR 1212 - right
SDJCL 1212 - left
STA 1210R - thin right hand tip
NL 12-3 - external thread cutting
NL 1210-2 - external thread cutting (finer threads)
SGAFR 12-1.6 - parting tool
SRDCN-1010-E05 - profiling

Most of these came with other tooling, I would not purchase some by choice but I am not one to refuse an offer ;-)

The parting tool is perfect for a Compact 5, having a 1.6mm cut, it does not over strain the lathe and bearings.

I have a Sandvik 2.5mm parting tool for my Emco Maximat Super 11 and also Plansee/Tizit heavy cut tools which will fit a Compact 5 but it will not like a 4mm cut!

CTFNR 1212 F 11 - right facing
CTGNR 1212 F 11 - right turning

Nikcole mini-systems THE-7-1/2-R is a good grooving & parting tool for thin grooves


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