Rough Valuation.


Hi everyone,

I purchased a CNC 5 here in the UK a few years back much the same as the one shown here...


The one I have does not have the tool turret option its just the basic cnc.

Sadly, like many toys I have purchased in the past I now find I dont have the time or space to make use of it and was thinking about putting it on ebay but have no idea what to start the bidding at.

I picked it up from a local school which could not afford to have the keyswitch repaired after it broke early in its working life. They also found they could not afford the insurance to cover students working on machine tools. H&S gone mad!

Anyway, if someone could give me a ballpark figure as to what bidding should be started at or what reserve I should put on the machine I would be very grateful.

Thanks for reading,



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