Re: power supply board problem

eric warner

I am getting this same problem in that pin 5 is only giving me 1V.  I will try the troubleshooting listed here (disconnect the load and see what that gives me)  I'm intrigued by the suggestion of another external power supply.  Being a Mechanical Engineer, I'm always leery about the electronic arts.  I'm guessing that what Santursen did was connect the ground of the external power supply to the ground on pin 6 and then put the 5V from the external supply into the wire that was previously connected to pin 5...  I would rather fix the board, but if someone can confirm my suspicion on this wiring technique I would greatly appreciate it.  If Santursen is still around I would love to hear how this is working out 6 years down the road :).

Also if any of the other contributors have anything else to add to the location of the components etc. that would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thanks again!


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