need help troubleshooting a CNC5... was working, now not so much...

eric warner

So I have two of these machines and run a couple of parts on them that I just got another order for so I need to get my machine up and running again...  The issue I have is that one of the machines just stopped working.  When I turn the key switch the spindle electronics fire up, but the steppers and the display showing position etc. does not.  I can turn the spindle motor on and it spins so I know I am getting power in to some extent, but none of the LED's on the right show up and the numeric display does not light up either. 

I am planning on poking around with the voltmeter to see if I can figure out where the issue is, but I was hoping I might be able to get some guidance from someone here :).  I have the working machine opened up so I can compare voltages on a known good machine.  I just don't want to short anything and have two broken machines...

Thanks again in advance!


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