adjusting carriage slop

eric warner

I have a question about adjusting the carriage and I figured this would be a perfect place to put my question up...  I have 2 of the CNC5 lathes that I'm super happy with.  One of them needs some work on the power (it has been working and then one day won't turn on...) but that is not why I am writing today, I'll deal with that another day. 

The reason I'm writing today is that I want to tighten up the slop/wiggle/movement of the carriage on the ways.  When I grab the motor that drives the cross-slide (x-axis) and push up and down on it the whole carriage moves up and down a little bit (probably a good 0.100" at the motor, and 0.020" at the ways).  What I'm wanting to know is how to tighten this up because as I am making cuts (especially with a cut-off tool) it chatters quite a bit which is really loud and makes for poor quality cuts.

I have reached under the carriage and I found the bolts to start to take things apart, but I'm not sure if there is an adjustment I can make, or if I just have to take it apart and make new glide blocks that are not so worn...  As a follow-on to the first question, is there any easy way to get at the bolts on the bottom side of the slide?  I seem to have a hard time getting my hands under there with a wrench.  I was wondering if there were any tricks to working with the carriage/cross-slide assembly.

I greatly appreciate any information people can share on their experiences here!


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