Re: c5cnc

eric warner

No hurry on this end.  I hopped on this quickly this morning just so you knew I was interested.  I'm grateful to get the parts to get my machine up and running, but I'm also quite busy at the moment so whenever it works is great.  I don't have a welturn or PC control box in return I'm sorry.  If there is anything I can make to help out I will be happy to do so.  I have a laser cutter that will cut up to about 3/8" thick acrylic and has a 12"x24" bed.  It makes great control panels (out of acrylic) that you can engrave things on and then cut all in one operation.  I also have a sheetmetal brake if you wanted to get a box made up and then put a laser cut panel on the front...  Just a thought.  Let me know when you get closer and we can work out details.

Thanks again!

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