Re: compact 5: advance motor "humming"



To test the tool turret when in manual mode hold down the FWD button and press a number between 1 and 5, (release the buttons when movement starts) the tool turret will advance by the number of tooling points of the number pressed.
It will stop as it passes a tool station and reverse back to the stop, hold momentarily and then advance to the next tool station and repeat the moves, this will continue at each tool station it passes.
Don't forget you are moving number of" tool stations" not the tool designated number.
There are schematic drawings in the files section, sounds like you have lost the 30/50v initial pulse to start the stepper moving. Check out the Bridge Rectifier fitted at the top right of the board above the PSU and contactor. If that's OK check other voltage outputs as shown at the test points on the circuit boards in the schematics.

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